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Over 17 years ago, my dear friend Madison quit drinking. She and her fiance’ were splitting up after a seven-year relationship. A significant factor in the breakup was Madison’s penchant for drinking. Keith had been sober for over ten years when they parted.

Madison was heartbroken over the separation. However…


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My dear friend, Tim, was given an ultimatum by his wife of 25 years — stop drinking, or you’re outta here. And she planned on making sure their three children would stay with her in their home.

He tried to quit and failed. He tried again, failed again. The third…

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Yesterday, after a pickleball match, Sandra confessed that she was feeling insecure about her level of play. She thought she wasn’t as good as the rest of us and perhaps should take a break to rethink whether she would continue.

She seemed sad and embarrassed by this, vulnerable.

My immediate…

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My friend Carol was stunned to learn she had been entirely wrong when she felt snubbed by her pickleball friends.

Carol had been 100% convinced these friends made plans to play and intentionally did not invite her. This scene repeated itself several times in the following days.

Though hurt and…


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Our brains are potent organs, and how we use our minds can not only make or break our day but incredibly impact our entire lives.

I’ve written several articles about self-confidence and how our thoughts can lead us down a dark tunnel of self-doubt. Once down that eerie cavern, we…

Diana Leotta

Retired from work, not from life. Musings on Life, Living and Learning. Always curious.

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