According to Science — These Are the 5 Best Abs Exercises for You

I don’t expect 6-pack abs at my age, but any improvement would be a plus.

Diana Leotta


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I have a noticeable tummy. It’s rather bulgy. The rest of my body is slender and somewhat muscular yet the abs are lacking in firmness.

I’m sure part of it is my age — I’m well into the Third Third of my life. Another part, the women in my family typically carry their weight in their tummies. I guess it’s destiny.

However, I still work on firming the bulge a few times a week.

I even found success with the 30-day plank challenge one of Medium’s writers suggested. I surpassed the 30 days, completing 40 days of planks.

Part of the challenge was to hold the plank for 2 minutes. Of course, we work up to the 2-minute hold. I achieved the 2-minute mark on day 15 and continued adding seconds every day.

My abdominals ached after the first few days. On subsequent days I didn’t feel the workout as much. However, I know holding a plank for 2 minutes works more muscles than the abdominals.

My triceps and shoulders felt the workout as well.

I found it surprising that the plank is not one of the top 5 abs exercises.

The exercises

  1. Bicycles — The most challenging abs exercise for the rectus abdomini proved to be the bicycle. Lying on your back you pretend you’re riding a bicycle. Place your hands behind your head, then bring your legs into tabletop — knees over hips, shins parallel to the floor. With your head in your hands, curl your head, neck, and shoulders up off the floor as you rotate your torso over toward your right leg and extend your left leg straight at a 45-degree angle — aiming left armpit to the right hip. Reverse the movement to return to center, lower your head down, as you draw your left leg back into tabletop before switching sides.

2. Captain’s Chair —This is a gym exercise using the Captain’s Chair exercise equipment. It is a chair back with two handles, elevated above the ground, with no seat. Place your forearms onto the armrests of the chair and grip the handles, with your legs dangling. Slowly tuck your knees in toward your…



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