These 5 Famous and Talented Women Couldn’t Be Saved From Their Drug Addiction

They tragically died, but can you learn from them?

Diana Leotta


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I loved my alcohol and drank for the majority of my adult life. I finally found sobriety almost four years ago, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

It took many years of casual drinking before I began indulging to the point of concern. Sure, there were instances throughout my life where I overdrank, but for the most part, I had “it” under control.

After retirement, however, with my children grown and on their own, my drinking escalated. After all, I was free. I earned my retirement and the right to do as I pleased.

Until that is, I realized my drinking was out of control, and I quit. No, not that quickly. It took two years of reading every quit lit book I could get my hands on, failed twice until finally — as the saying goes; the third time is a charm.

Since giving up the drink, I’ve been passionate about sharing my story and those of others addicted.

Though I never was interested in trying drugs, I understand the lure. Also, a dear family member became addicted to pain pills prescribed by doctors. It broke my heart to see the struggle.

These five beautiful, talented women were addicted to drugs; some also indulged in alcohol, in addition to narcotics. Sadly, they weren’t able to save themselves.

You probably already know their stories, but let’s not forget them or their short, tragic lives.

Five tragedies

Whitney Houston — Ms. Houston rose to fame quickly with her debut album titled with her name in 1985.

Her big acting break was starring in the film “The Bodyguard” with Kevin Costner. Shortly after that, she began to abuse drugs, with cocaine her main choice. She battled her addiction for many years. Whitney’s bodyguard found her facedown in the bathtub. Her death was ruled an accidental drowning along with heart disease and cocaine use. She died at age 48 in 2012.

Marilyn Monroe — Ms. Monroe is one of the most written about, and her story of fame, fortune, and drug abuse is widely known. She worked hard yet had few friends…



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